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Are you interested in Criminal Justice? Do you like to be challenged? The Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) Department at Mansfield University offers various degree options, including the following (click on link for further information):

Bachelor of Science Degree (for students enrolled prior to Fall '14)

Bachelor of Science Degree (for students enrolled Fall '14 and after)

Associate of Science Degree

Associate of Science Degree - Online

Minor in Criminal Justice Administration


The mission of Mansfield's Criminal Justice Administration program is to provide majors and minors with a quality undergraduate education in the academic and professional disciplines of criminal justice and criminology that will prepare them for entry into either a professional career or a graduate education in criminal justice. The program encourages extra-curricular activities that provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. The activities include national clubs and organizations along with special events with the program. The program's core curriculum covers areas such as law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile delinquency. For more information, click here.


News & Highlights

22 CJA Students Graduate - December 2015

A total of 22 CJA students received their degrees at Mansfield University's 151th Commencement held on Saturday, December 12,ALLL 2015. Six students completed the requirements for the two-year Associate of Science degree and 16 students completed the requirements for the four-year Bachelor of Science degree.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude was Mariah Murray.

Graduating Cum Laude was Dustin Ackley.

Other B.S. graduates included Jessica Allen, Tafshir Bah, Robert Baker, Madeline Bird, Daniel Dority, Nathan Fox, Zachary Hogan, Jeremy Kesig, Damon Lagos, Brock Parker, Kishon Robinson, Eric Schanzenbacher, Alysia Snyder and Tanesha Stanford.

Those receiving their A.S. degrees were Brad Boyce, Derek Campbell, Kassidy Chilson Dakota Clark, Joshua Owens and Hamilton Schoonover.

Here's to wishing these students nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors. Go make us proud!

US Marshal Pane Presentation

Martin Pane, United States Marshal and Class of 1987 MU Graduate, visited campus on November 19th to give a presentation to CJA students. Pane spoke to students about the US Marshals and federal law enforcement along with career and internship opportunities available with the Marshals. A question and answer session followed the presentation.

Martin was appointed by President Obama in 2011 as a US Marshal for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Currently, Pane acts as the executive manager overseeing approximately 100 personnel. Working for the Marshals Service for 27 years has provided Pane with a lot of adventure, from trials of the original World Trade Center terrorists, to providing protection for Supreme Court Justices, Deputy Attorney Generals, and the Drug Czar.

The turnout for Pane's presentation was tremendous. In fact, over 120 students, along with severalMP faculty members and MU President Francis Hendricks, attended the event! This speaks volumes to the commitment and dedication of students and others that are a part of the Mansfield community.

In honor of his contributions to the CJ field and Mansfield University, Marshal Pane was presented with the 2015 Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Criminal Justice Award by the CJA Department along with a Presidential Coin of Excellent given by MU President Francis Hendricks. The coin is awarded selectively to individuals who have made significant contributions to the university.

LAE Students Participate in Career Fair at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary

Members of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the CJ professional coed fraternity, joined by Dr. Justin Crowl, participated in an inmate mock career fair on Thursday, September 3rdLAE at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. The penitentiary, affectionately known as "The Big House", is a high security federal prison housed within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Students had the opportunity to interview numerous inmates and speak to them about the job market and their post-release plans. Students were also able to ask questions and engage in discussions with staff and administrators, many of whom are alumni of Mansfield University and the CJA Department. A guided tour of the facility followed. 

The experience of visiting a federal correctional facility was very rewarding, especially considering that it was the first time that these students went behind the walls of a federal prison. It is exactly these type of events that allow students to experience for themselves the inner workings of the criminal justice system. 

Pictured are students who participated in the event, including (from L to R): Martina Padilla, Maryann Personius, Dana Mahini, Brian Kircher, Samantha Boas, Rian Waldbrunn, and Andre Morton. Not pictured: Justina Day.



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