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Are you interested in Criminal Justice? Do you like to be challenged? The Criminal Justice Administration (CJA) Department at Mansfield University offers various academic CJA degrees, including the following (click on link for further information):

Bachelor of Science Degree (for students enrolled prior to Fall '14)

Bachelor of Science Degree (for students enrolled Fall '14 and after)

Associate of Science Degree

Associate of Science Degree - Online

Minor in Criminal Justice Administration

The mission of Mansfield's Criminal Justice Administration program is to provide majors and minors with a quality undergraduate education in the academic and professional disciplines of criminal justice and criminology that will prepare them for entry into either a professional career or a graduate education in criminal justice. The program encourages extra-curricular activities that provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. The activities include national clubs and organizations along with special events with the program. The program's core curriculum covers areas such as law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile delinquency. For more information, click here.


News & Highlights


CJA Department Welcomes Study Abroad Student Ashlee Spears


My name is Ashlee Spears. I was born in Moruya, a small town in the state of New South Wales Australia. I grew up and spent most of my life on the far south coast of Australia, which is a rural area along the Eastern coastline. I attended high school at Eden Marine and Technology, which is located in Eden, a town known for its ports and chip mill. I was lucky enough to grow up living in a rather admirable location; we lived in the bush out of town, but in town and where I went to school is located right next to the ocean. 

At certain points, namely during school, sport periods or lunch breaks, my friends and I were able to walk two minutes to the beach. On quiet days, one was able to hear the sea inside the classroom. After finishing high school, I went straight to a university. In Australia, high school finishes in November, and university starts in March. I currently go to Charles Sturt University, which is in Bathurst (about 3 hours inland from Syndey, 7 hours north from where I grew up). I'm currently a sophomore; however, in Australia, one does not need to take general education classes, so I will finish my degree at the end of 2015. I started out studying to become a police officer; however, the police training center had been closed for a number of years and was still closed for new recruits. In light of this, I wasn't sure what to do next. My grades were quite good, so I was able to seamlessly transfer into majoring in Criminal Justice to earn my Bachelor of Social Science degree while minoring in political science. After my third term, I received an email from the university stating that my grades were good enough to apply for exchange. So, after a lengthy application process, I was accepted to Mansfield University and decided to enroll in the following classes: Introduction to Criminology, Terrorism, CJ Policy, and American Politics.

It took approximately 23 hours of flying plus a 6 hour bus trip to arrive to Mansfield, PA. After being here a month, I can say without reservation that it has already been well worth it. I was only able to come on this adventure due to winning a number of scholarships both from the university and the local council. I would encourage anyone thinking of going on exchange to put the effort in to make it happen. Experiencing a different culture and being able to meet people from all walks of life is an amazing experience. As long as you can get used to the fact that no one understands a word you say despite the fact that you  both speak English. Take for instance the following: Doona in Australia is actually called a comforter in the US, thongs (flip flops), biscuit (cookie), sheila (woman), bloke (man), ute (truck), jumper (sweatshirt), servo (gas station), aggro (an aggressive person), al-U-min-I-um (aluminum - pronounced 'aluminum' in the US), and perhaps most importantly 'put another shrimp on the barbie', oh wait - Australians don't actually say that...

CJA Launches New Online A.S. Option

The Criminal Justice Administration Department is pleased to announce the creation of the new online CJAO Associates of Science track. Now prospective students will have the option to earn an A.S. degree entirely online. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who would like the freedom to complete course work at their convenience, such as current criminal justice practitioners, current military, or students with full-time jobs or other commitments. We are currently accepting applications and are offering courses starting in the fall 2013 semester. Interested parties should contact the Mansfield University Admissions office at or 800-577-6826 / 570-662-4243.


Dr. Battin Delivers Graduation Address to Federal Inmates

Dr. Joshua Battin delivered the keynote address to inmates completing numerous degrees at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary on Tuesday, September 10th. Dozens of inmates earned General Education, English as a Second Language, and Secondary Education Degrees. Dr. Battin's speech highlighted the importance of lifelong learning, positive mentors, and setting goals in life, while challenging the graduates to take a positive step in the future. 


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