Advising Seminars

The Criminal Justice Department offers a number of advising seminars per semester to assist majors with their registration efforts. These seminars will review the courses you need to take (individually at the end of the seminar), how to properly read your program evaluation, and CJA courses available during the upcoming semester. The idea is to offer effective advising to all students so that everyone can register for the classes they need and graduate on schedule. Also, we recognize that many students have the ability to select the proper classes they need to say on track to graduate. The seminar will allow those students to come to the seminars with the proper materials, speak to a faculty member, and be cleared to register, streamlining the advising process. Students in need of extra assistance will be identified and provided with extra support. 

The advising seminar is mandatory for all non-online CJA majors. Students will NOT be cleared, and therefore unable to register, unless they speak with their advisor or a faculty member during the seminar. Students who need additional assistance can speak with their academic advisor or the department chair at any time. Students can also post their advising / registration questions in the discussion forum in the D2L Advising Organization page. Note: Online students seeking their associate's degree are not required to attend an advising seminar. However, such students should view the D2L Advising Organization page. On this page, students will find the documents needed to register for courses along with the steps needed to follow to schedule for classes.

Students should print and bring the following documents with them to the advising seminar:

1. Program Evaluation -  Students should print their program evaluation, which can be found in WebAdvisor.

2. Education Plan - Click here to access 

3. General Education Requirements Sheet - Students who enrolled at Mansfield University after 2011 should click here. Students who enrolled at Mansfield University sometime between Fall 2001 and Fall 2011 should click here.

4. Course Selection Sheet Click here to access 

Note: To complete the course selection sheet, students should first search for classes (which is done through WebAdvisor.) This is where students will use their program evaluation, education plan and general education requirements sheets. Students should insert the classes they want to take in the Course Selection Sheet. Several alternate courses should be included in the course selection sheet in case the classes students want to take are filled by the date they are permitted to register on.