Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The criminal justice field is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Criminal justice career opportunities are widespread and include professions that range from correctional officers and law enforcement to attorneys and security personnel. Such opportunities can be found in the private sector, through governmental agencies, and via nonprofit corporations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the demand for criminal justice professionals will continue to rise over the next decade. 


Careers in the criminal justice field fall generally into three broad categories. These include: law enforcement, judicial system, and corrections. Students who earn their degree in criminal justice are frequently employed by:

Federal law enforcement agencies - examples include:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Central Intelligence Agency
US Marshals
Secret Service
Drug Enforcement Agency
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Border Patrol

State and local police departments

Probation and parole services - examples of relevant careers include:

Adult probation officer
Adult parole officer
Juvenile probation officer
Juvenile parole officer

Correctional facilities (e.g., jails, state prisons, Federal Bureau of Prisons) - examples of careers include:

Deputy or Associate Warden
Chief of Security
GED teacher
Counselor (substance abuse, mental health)
Classification specialist
Personnel manager
Financial manager
Recreation supervisor
Safety manager
Correctional officer

Juvenile justice systems - examples of relevant careers include:

Deputy or Associate Warden
Treatment staff
Educational staff
Detention officer

Private security firms

Crime laboratories

Victim advocacy agencies

Any many, many more!

Other criminal justice graduates enroll in a master's program or law school following graduation.


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