Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society

Advisor: Dr. Keith Johnson (217 Pinecrest Manor, 570.662.4485)

The Lambda Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society in Criminal Justice was activated at Mansfield University on November 4th, 2009. Alpha Phi Sigma is the only criminal justice honor society for criminal justice majors. It is recognized by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences as the only official criminal justice honor society in the United States. Alpha Phi Sigma is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, and has more than 360 chapters across the country. The U.S. government and specifically the U.S. Department of Justice recognizes membership in Alpha Phi Sigma as meeting one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in Federal Service.

Inductions are held each semester. To be eligible, the criminal justice major or minor must have completed 36 semester hours, 12 semester hours of which must be in criminal justice courses. Transfer students must spend one semester at Mansfield University before they can apply, and meet the same QPA and CJA course requirements. A minimum 3.2 overall QPA (Quality Point Average) and a 3.2 QPA in all criminal justice courses is required. The membership fee is $65.00, of which $50.00 goes to the national office for a one-time only fee. Students receive a certificate of membership and a small lapel pin. This honor society offers yearly conferences and also offers competitive academic contests. For more information on Alpha Phi Sigma, click here.

Lambda Alpha Epsilon

Advisor: Dr. Justin Crowl (219 Pinecrest Manor, 570.662.4496)

LAELambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE), the American Criminal Justice Association, is a national professional fraternity for criminal justice students. Mansfield University is one of 258 subordinate chapters nationwide. The chapter was established in the mid - 1970s and has continued to attract students of diverse backgrounds and interests. The organization is open to any student interested in the field of criminal justice. Membership drives are conducted each semester (Fall and Spring) of each academic year. For more information, click here

The fraternity is actively involved in a number of service and professional activities, both on and off campus. For instance, LAE members have participated in multiple inmate mock career fairs at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary along with crime scene investigation events for local Girl Scout troops. Members have volunteered to assist in local nursing homes and Toys for Tots to package Christmas presents for children, while they have also participated in the annual Bowling for Kids event, a signature fundraising event for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. In addition, the fraternity, in conjunction with the CJA Department, has sponsored numerous guest speakers and events that bring CJ practitioners together with students. Members have also frequently helped the department with various recruiting initiatives, each time taking valuable time to speak with prospective CJA students about the fraternity along with the department and university.

Pictured are active LAE members. There are currently 35 brothers - this is the highest membership number since the groups inception on campus!