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Graduate School

Graduate School


Attending graduate school has always been a big decision, but in today’s market it is many times viewed as a professional necessity – even in criminal justice agencies. Fortunately, today there are many opportunities for full-time professionals and individuals wanting to pursue a graduate degree in criminal justice, sometimes referred to as Administration of Justice; Law, Crime & Society, Criminology, etc.

You can enroll as a full-time student, attend classes in the evenings while working full-time, and if you are structured enough, enroll as an online student either full-time or part-time. Over the years, several Mansfield University criminal justice majors have attended graduate school, and in some of the most prestigious universities in the nation. 

There are many graduate schools to choose from. In Pennsylvania, nationally ranked Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers the Ph.D. in Criminology, while Penn State (University Park) offers the Ph.D. in Law, Crime & Justice within their Sociology Department. Temple University also offers a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. Other graduate schools include: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), St. Joseph’s University ((Philadelphia), West Chester University (West Chester), Mercyhurst College (Erie), Marywood University (Scranton), Villanova University (Villanova), Shippensburg University (Shippensburg), and Penn State – Harrisburg (Middletown). For a more complete national listing, go to