B.S. CJ Administration (Post Fall '14)

B.S. CJ Administration (Post Fall '14)

The BS degree in CJA consists of 33 credit hours of required core courses and 21 credit hours of electives. The required core courses cover the major areas of criminal justice administration. Elective courses represent areas of particular interest (i.e. Violent Criminal Behavior, Crime and Delinquency Prevention, Terrorism, Probation and Parole, etc.). Many of our courses are offered under the "Special Topics" designation. For more information on Criminal Justice Administration, visit the undergraduate catalog. For course descriptions, Click here.

The program requirements listed below are only applicable to those students who enrolled in the CJA degree program Fall '14 and after.

Program Requirements

CJA 1100 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJA 2200 - Survey of Policing
CJA 2201 - Survey of Corrections
CJA 2220 - Criminal Justice Research Methods
CJA 2225 - Introduction to Criminology
CJA 3354 - Criminal Law
CJA 3355 - Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CJA 3365 - Criminal Justice Policy
CJA 3395 - Delinquency and the Juvenile Justice System
CJA 4425 - Criminal Justice Ethics
CJA 4490 - Senior Seminar


CJA 4450 - Internship
CJA 4453 - Police Organization and Administration
CJA 4475 - Serial Murder
CJA 4496 - Selected Topics (see below for list)
CJA 4497 - Independent Study

Selected Topics courses include:

* Crime and Delinquency Prevention
* Victimology
* Organized Crime and the Media
* Terrorism
* Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
* Violent Criminal Behavior
* Probation and Parole

Total Semester Hours: 54